Monday, 13 February 2017

Homicide in Hampshire, Part 1.

Welcome to the opening paragraphs of the first Cleo Marjoribanks book, 'Homicide in Hampshire'. I love the art of creation and especially enjoy writing about Cleo. Mind you, after five books, I think it is a case of Cleo telling me what to write!

I hope you enjoy this snippet enough to buy the book - either on Kindle or paperback (via Amazon). And don't forget to give it a great review! For that you will always be a friend.

I snatched up the phone in the pool room (using me skirt to hold it, of course.  No point in reading mystery novels and doing it all wrong), all the while staring at the thing in the pool.  It had to be Janet Spencer.  It was wearing her dress.  And there was red in the water.  I knew she was dead and, while talking to the police, I wondered how I was so sure she was dead.  I know I should have jumped into the pool to get her out and begin resuscitation but…  The thought of what I might see made me gaga, so I scarpered, at least as best me high-heels would let me!  (As I can’t swim, it probably wouldn’t have been a good idea anyway.)
I shot off straight down the hall, grabbed handbag and keys from the table near the door then scrabbled with the door locks.  Why are they always a problem when you’re in a hurry?  At last I was out in the night air and could take deep breaths. 
And don’t ask me why I was in the pool room when I’d just come home.  If you walk indoors and see lights on that shouldn’t be on what would you do?  No, not what I should have done – panicked.  I went to investigate.  Course it wasn’t until later that I realised I’d been stupid.
It felt like I was standing outside for ages before I heard the cops arrive.  Blue light flashing and siren moaning, just like a sick cow.
The car pulled up in front where I was leaning against the wall by the open front door.
One of the coppers eased his bulk from the car “Constable Brown,” was the terse introduction.  “Are you alright, madam?  Are you Mrs. Marj-or-ibanks?”
“Pronounced Marchbanks,” I corrected automatically.  “I think I’m alright.  Yeah, I called.”  I moved away from the wall and pointed into the house.  “Down there, all the way to the end is the pool room.  She’s in the pool.”
He went in, at the same time indicating to the other – younger - man who was also now out of the car, to stay with me.  Did they think that if they left me there alone I might get into their car and escape?

.............................  -  Kindle - Paperback.

Monday, 6 February 2017

Antiques in the Attic

5* rated 'Antiques in the Attic', the first of the South Downs Murder Mysteries, is now available in paperback.

Obviously, it is set in the South Downs and begins with the death of Sarah's former husband. After the police have notified her she remembers to go and check in the attic to make sure he took all of his things. And discovers some antique silver. This subsequently disappears, but as she lives on her own, who took it? Who entered her house?

Lots of police procedural in this and, of course, lots of mysterious people.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Love or Duty by Roberta Grieve

Set just before and during the Second World War this book conveys the way in which various people viewed what was happening. The atmosphere in a seaside town during the war is particularly poignant dealing as it does with the way in which the local community came to together to help the injured and the evacuated children.

Woven in with this is the story of a young woman torn between duty to her family and the desire to get away and live a life of her own. Duty wins despite her falling in love with someone she doesn't know loves her and being manipulated into a loveless marriage. As with all good romances it ends well. 

Available on Kindle.

Saturday, 21 January 2017


Whoopee! The second book in the Cleo Marjoribanks Murder Mysteries, 'Dirty Deeds in Downdene' is now available in PAPERBACK! Find out how this irrepressible lady gets mixed up in murder and the local golf course.

Readers reviews:

'.....great plot lines and scene setting. Anyone fond of this genre of crime books will love it.'

'Once I started reading Dirty Deeds in Downdene I fell in love with Cleo.'

'Small village mystery with many people who could be the culprit. Easy read, funny characters who have good chemistry.'


In case you missed it, the first book 'Homicide in Hampshire' is also available in paperback from Amazon.

Enjoy reading these books and I would really appreciate some good reviews from you. 

Friday, 13 January 2017

The Road to Little Dribbling by Bill Bryson

Or - More Notes from a Small Island.

Whether or not you have read Notes from a Small Island, this latest offering from Bill Bryson will have you chuckling, laughing or saying 'I've always thought that!'. His take on English life and mannerisms (to say nothing of Authority or Them) are insightful and amusing. His Bryson Line starts at Bognor Regis and finishes on Cape Wrath and stops in between and his descriptive writing is beautiful. This is definitely a book for the shelf to be read again and again and again. 

Definitely a 5* book. No, better than that 10*.

Now go out and buy it for a great read.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

'Who Are The JCs?'

Just to let you know that I have - at last - published the latest book in the South Down Murder Mysteries.

In this story DI Sinclair, DC James and the rest of the team have a boring start to trying to find out who exactly their latest victim, James Chester, is. They do locate a safety deposit box with a couple of documents in but nothing that really helps.

Alongside this are stories about some rich gentlemen who befriend old ladies cruising on their own. The men's initials are JC. As no-one has lodged a complaint with the police there isn't a lot they can do except log it on a file.

Then a bank manager is murdered.

Want to know all about it? It is currently available on Kindle.

All three books in the South Downs series will eventually be issued on Amazon in paperback form. 

Saturday, 31 December 2016


Feliz ano nuevo. Here's to a healthy and (hopefully) more peaceful 2017.

Apologies for not yet having published 'Who are the JC's?', the third book in the South Downs series. Unfortunately 2016 turned out to be a very busy year so I am still editing the manuscript.  Hopefully it will be published before the end of January.

In the meantime I am also creating paperback copies of all of my books. 'Homicide in Hampshire' being the first. And for those of you who have asked me, I am also editing out some of the 'cockney-speak' in Cleo's books. Yes, I know some of you do like it but let's be fair to other readers.

Thank you all for your support in 2016 and here's to 2017!

Happy Hogmanay.