Saturday, 30 August 2014

Model Murder - 5* Review

This Five Star Review is published on  There is also a 5* review on Kindle!

'This the first mystery book I have read for years and I really enjoyed it. I loved the introduction, - I was right there with the boy on his bike when the body was found, and I liked the extensive use of dialogue, giving us an insight into the characters, moving the action on or revealing past events or situations. Flashbacks are smoothly integrated into the plot and a few carefully chosen details, such as cars or dancing, add an extra dimension to characters and scenes.

'There are several plausible motives and suspects and you wait in anticipation to see how the threads will be unravelled. The emotional states of the different characters are clearly put across and for me, this is a brilliant psychological thriller where, I'm glad to say, gore and over dramatisation have no place. All in all, it's a book about what makes people tick and how detectives finally find their answers through understanding human emotions and the pressures of society, especially if you happen to be famous. Both the choice of language and the complex web of emotions ground the book firmly into the modern world.

'Model Murder' made me realise how much I have missed by leaving 'mysteries' out of my reading list for so long. Time to catch up.' (Solange Hando).

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Be a Travel Writer by Solange Hando

Or, to give it its full title: Be a Travel Writer, Live your Dreams, Sell your Stories.

How I wish this book had been available a long time ago when I started out to be a travel writer.  This step-by-step guide is full of useful information and tips, and is written in such a way that it is easy to understand. 

Solange explains how to research your markets, check what is available at your destinations and your travel arrangements.  Then there are things that travel writers SHOULD do and things they SHOULDN'T do - such as nagging an editor!

She also uses some of her own experiences - good, bad and funny - to illustrate points she is making.

By following her advice there is no excuse not to follow Solange Hando's example and become a successful travel writer.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Clothes Sizes

I long ago came to the conclusion that clothes sizes vary because they are made in other countries.  I've bought clothes in, for example, 16/18/20 (different styles) but they've all had the same measurements.  Wouldn't it be a good idea if distributors supplied the correct measurements to those overseas factories?

My most recent 'sizing' problem is armholes - especially on nightdresses.  I thought it was just me but after talking to several friends I find it is universal.  Nightdresses are supposed to be loose and comfortable - why make armholes so small that when you turn over in bed you are in danger of cutting off the blood supply to your hands?

My solution?  Opening and hemming the seams.  But, why, having paid good money should I then have to do alterations?

Answers please on a postcard!!!!!!!