Monday, 5 July 2010

Summer Has Arrived!

Summer has at last arrived in Rustington with plenty of flowers but, unfortunately, almost no rain. With the judging of the various Britain in Bloom competitions expected in the next few weeks, we are all hoping for some rain - preferably at night!

In days gone by several well known people spent holidays in Rustington, including J.M. Barrie (the writer of Peter Pan) who stayed in the house in today's picture.

For me the past few weeks have been very productive. I had a brilliant idea for a crime novel set in 1958. How many readers remember that year, I wonder? It was fascinating because it called up so many memories. For example, did you know that it was still Cliff Richard and the Drifters? Ladies, do you remember wearing cardigans back-to-front? You didn't dare do up the top button for fear of strangling yourself. Incidentally, does anyone remember anything about men's casual wear? I seem to remember grey or white flannels and shirts with their sleeves rolled up.

Oh, yes, I did sit down and write the book. All I have to do now is a little more research, print it off and read it through. I suspect that there are lots of changes to be made.

Now it is time to catch up with the housework (boring!), try to clear my desk and do the filing (no comment).

Until next time - enjoy the summer and do remember to wear plenty of sunblock!