Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Great Update on my Books

"Homicide in Hampshire" now has 5* on Amazon.com along with a fantastic review and the recommendation that everyone should read this book!

"Writing can be Murder" is selling well and am keeping my fingers crossed for another fantastic review.

Thanks to everyone who has bought the books which, as well as being available on Amazon.com/co.uk/fr/de, is also available on Smashwords - especially for those who prefer to download to their computer.


I would love it if you were to recommend my books to your friends, relatives and acquaintances.  Even the boss!

Saturday, 8 October 2011

"Writing can be Murder"

Yes, sometimes we writers can find it murderous - especially when the ideas don't work! But in this instance I am, of course, talking about my latest e-published book, Writing can be Murder.

The action takes place in Florida where Trudi Johnson lives. She is a travel writer and is befriended by Marcia Annenburg who introduces her to a writers' circle. There Trudi makes friends with Lucia O'Mahoney. Marcia is a realtor with ambitions to be a writer. She copies other people's ideas and presents them as her own. Is it a member of the circle who got fed up with this and killed her and another circle member? From information garnered by Trudi and Lucia, Detective Ricardo Gomez solves the crimes. Nearly too late for Trudi and Lucia who almost become victims.

As I lived for many years in Florida it was inevitable that I would be tempted to write at least one book set in the Sunshine State. Although the town in which the action takes place is situated on the Gulf Coast, it is an entirely fictitious one.

This book is now available via Amazon/Kindle and from Smashwords for other formats such as Apple I-Pad, Barnes & Noble, Diesel, Kobo and for downloading onto the computer.

I have had many favourable comments about my previously published book "Homicide in Hampshire" and am looking forward to hearing from readers of "Writing can be Murder". Thank you all for your continued support.