Tuesday, 25 April 2017

English Spring

Following a few days of summer-like weather a couple of weeks ago we are now back to 'the big chill'. Even had snow in Scotland and the north of England. Unfortunately, the mini 'heat-wave' had people assuming that spring had arrived and summer couldn't be far away.

Oh dear, oh dear. Some are now busily unpacking their winter clothes!

A mistake I will never make because I can remember May 4th 1984. I had flown overnight from Florida and was standing on Gatwick station freezing! I had assumed that the weather wouldn't be THAT cold but had taken the precaution of wearing trousers and a jacket. I needed fur lined boots, thick sweater and a parka!

And I have photographs taken that week with people wearing their winter coats.

No good blaming the climate-change. English weather has always been erratic.