Friday, 15 April 2011

Don't Close our Libraries!

One of the worst things that any government could countenance is the closure of our libraries. They are not just a place from where we can borrow books, but an integral part of our education.

Being a war baby, my early education was sadly lacking due to unqualified teachers. Fortunately my mother introduced me to the library and I could read before I went to school. Later through reading books by Georgette Heyer and Jean Plaidy I was introduced to history. My curiosity about the characters and their eras made me curious to learn more – which I did. With books from the library.

Not everyone can afford to buy books, nor do they necessarily have storage space for them so the library is vitally important for the bookworms.

The unemployed can make use of the library, not just for the books, but for the newspapers – checking the sits. vac.

So far as the elderly and disabled are concerned, the local library is a life-line.

Having lived in America, I have seen how their library system works. Qualified librarians run them with the aid of volunteers. And they are even open for a few hours on Sunday afternoon which allows people who work six days a week the chance to browse.

I think it is time that the Government brought in legislation making charitable donations tax free. Then we could have a charity for the libraries and people would happily contribute to the fund. It would also encourage those wealthy people who hide their money away to keep more of it in this country and give it to charity!

Friday, 8 April 2011

On Wings of Time

Oh dear, how time flies! I’ve been so busy I hadn’t realised how long ago it is since I put something onto my blog.

As it is now two years since I returned to England, March was an expensive and complicated month. Plus trying to put plenty of articles onto and time disappeared in the proverbial flash.

The articles include a couple of my “Alaska” experiences; on-shore excursions from a cruise. The latest one is about Glacier Gardens in Juneau where I saw the upside-down trees. The other one is about the New Archangel Dancers of Sitka, a troupe of enthusiastic ladies who perform Russian dances.

At the end of July Buckingham Palace will open its State Rooms to the public so there is also an article about some of them. Best advice – book early via their web site.

Other recent articles include the Lake District, the Pena Palace in Portugal, Mount Dora (Florida), Ghosts in San Diego, Florida’s Keys, Madeira and Monet’s Gardens. And probably some I’ve missed.

To read any of these articles and find useful links click on The TravelEditor link – it now goes directly to my page! Yes, I’m learning new things every day.

           Me at the lookout point in Glacier Gardens at Juneau, Alaska