Friday, 8 April 2011

On Wings of Time

Oh dear, how time flies! I’ve been so busy I hadn’t realised how long ago it is since I put something onto my blog.

As it is now two years since I returned to England, March was an expensive and complicated month. Plus trying to put plenty of articles onto and time disappeared in the proverbial flash.

The articles include a couple of my “Alaska” experiences; on-shore excursions from a cruise. The latest one is about Glacier Gardens in Juneau where I saw the upside-down trees. The other one is about the New Archangel Dancers of Sitka, a troupe of enthusiastic ladies who perform Russian dances.

At the end of July Buckingham Palace will open its State Rooms to the public so there is also an article about some of them. Best advice – book early via their web site.

Other recent articles include the Lake District, the Pena Palace in Portugal, Mount Dora (Florida), Ghosts in San Diego, Florida’s Keys, Madeira and Monet’s Gardens. And probably some I’ve missed.

To read any of these articles and find useful links click on The TravelEditor link – it now goes directly to my page! Yes, I’m learning new things every day.

           Me at the lookout point in Glacier Gardens at Juneau, Alaska

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