Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Strictly Come Dancing Row

I love Strictly Come Dancing. Not particularly to see the Celebs - most of whom I've never heard of! - but to watch their progress. Besides which I just love watching dancing.

The current row about who, in the past, has done what dance-wise doesn't surprise me. Several of the past contestants have obviously had dancing lessons of some description prior to the competition. It doesn't matter if you have only had a few lessons in various other dance disciplines, it does help when learning a new dance discipline. That may be the ability to stick with the tempo, arm-ography (?), pointing toes, not pointing toes, keeping the upper body still when necessary. And any other movements you can think of.

I have just researched the last seven and if the 'Rules' are to be adhered to then there are only two celebrities entitled to reach the final - ANITA RANI and KATIE DERHAM. All of the rest have either had lessons, attended theatre schools (where they learn to dance), appeared on stage in musicals and, in the case of Peter Andre, danced during his career. Sorry, but I'm not quite sure what his career is, other than smiling a lot, trying to tell jokes which nobody else understands and, when rehearsing wearing a teacosy on his head.

Scoring? There are two things I am still trying to understand. Sometimes the judges praise someone very highly then give them moderate scores; another time the judges give so-so reviews then score high. Cheating? [Shrugs shoulders].

And can someone tell me how, when there are four judges and three vote between the two couples in the dance off, the head judge (Len) can vote  - IF THERE IS A TIE. Sorry, doesn't make sense.

Keep on Dancing!