Sunday, 11 January 2015

Is he married? Excerpt from 'Irresistible You' by Jemma Linley

Is he married?

Mel sat at the table and stared at the computer screen.  Trust Karen to think of that.  At the moment Mel wasn’t particularly bothered about his marital status.  Since the divorce she no longer viewed every man who passed her way as being potentially marriageable.  That’s the trouble with these happily married women, she thought wryly.
She and Karen Foxton had been best friends since High School and even though at eighteen when they left school their ways had parted – she to a secretarial job and Karen to Secretarial College – they had remained friends.  Somewhat against the odds as some of their other friends thought, but probably because they were such complete opposites was Mel’s conclusion.
Whereas she, Mel, had been ambitious and wanted to become a professional singer, all Karen had wanted to do was get married and have a family.  The thought of which for herself had made Mel shudder.
And as she’d now made the marriage mistake she realised that it definitely wasn’t for her.
And here was Karen coming up with what she thought was the all-important question.
Quickly Mel typed in her reply.  Don’t know.  Don’t care.  Not important.
Let Karen make of that what she will, Mel thought grimly before closing down.  She needed to get this place tidied up before Andy arrived.  Not that she had any intention of inviting him in, but one never knows, do one?

Sunday, 4 January 2015

La Gomera - a small Canary Island

Stunning is the only word to describe the scenery on this volcanic island. From its lush forests to the rocky pinnacles and the beaches.

I chose the lazy way to view the scenery - by coach from San Sebastian de La Gomera. The only thing wrong with the trip was the weather which was, for the most part, dull.

Our first stop was at Hermigua - to 'browse' the local handicraft centre. As you will have guessed, we were expected to buy souvenirs. Not me - I went for a stroll to look at some of the town. Very pretty with its background of tree covered mountains.

Then on to the Garajonay National Park (a UNESCO World Heritage Site). Deeps valleys, fantastic rock formations and, of course, trees, some of which can only be seen on this island. In fact, there is a rare heather that can grow to over 50ft/15m (the Erica Arboreal). In some places the atmosphere was most eerie, the close growing trees with dense foliage made to seem so by the grey skies.

By way of a change of scenery the coach wended its way down and around the hairpin bends to look at the beach at Valle Gran Rey. Oh yes, we had to go back up those bends to take us across to the other side of the island, finally finishing back at San Sebastian.

I attempted to take photos from the coach even though we did make photo stops. Some came out well, others didn't. Keen photographers should probably go on the walking tour. It was a pity it was so misty when we had a great view of Mount Teide - on Tenerife.

Incidentally, La Gomera has its own Valley of the King, which was the home of the island's last Guanche Chieftain.

If you suffer from vertigo DON'T take this tours!

This was one of the tours I took during my P.O Canary Islands cruise last December.

You can just about see Mount Teide on Tenerife!