Friday, 19 March 2010

Getting Around in San Francisco

I had some good news this week - an American magazine called Mature Living has published one of my articles. It is about San Francisco and the best way of getting around.
San Francisco has a fantastic transport system quite apart from the Cable Car. There are plenty of buses, the Historic Trolleys on the F Line and BART (the Bay Area Rapid Transport). Did you know that you can take this train from the airport to downtown? Much cheaper and quicker than taxis.

A Novel Excerpt.......

How's this for the opening of a crime novel?

Trudi couldn’t believe it! She’s done it again! she thought as she listened to Marcia reading the opening of her new book idea. Looking at the rest of the group of American ladies as they sat around the table she wondered if anyone else recognised the story. It seemed not, for when Marcia finished, carefully avoiding looking at Trudi, the other members of the writing circle proceeded to make their comments. Some praised, some suggested. And all agreed that it was a great idea for a book.
Yes, fumed Trudi, my idea, which I read out to you last month.
While everyone else around the table had their attention fixed on the tall red-headed Marcia, Trudi slipped her file from under the legal pad and put it on her lap. She then ‘vented’ on the pad in her own form of shorthand.
“You’re very quiet, Trudi,” Brenda, the middle-aged leader who had begun the New Arundel Writers Circle a couple of years earlier, commented. “Any comments? I saw you making some notes.”
Nothing you’d like to hear, the Englishwoman thought, “Same as everyone else. Good idea,” she said aloud. And she caught sight of Marcia’s sly grin as the woman bent down to pick up her document case and slip the pages inside.
Trudi Johnson tucked a stray strand of dark blonde hair behind an ear and worked to keep the wrath from showing in her hazel eyes. Honestly, wasn’t there something they could do to stop the plagiarism? she wondered.

Outside in the car park and under the hot Florida sun Trudi really got up a head of steam as she and her close friend, Lucia, headed for their cars. “She really has a nerve! That’s the second time she’s done it to me!”

Until someone publishes the book you'll have to read about it in dribs and drabs! What is usually called serialisation which is how many well known authors of the past were first published.

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