Monday, 9 January 2012

Easter - already?

On checking the figures for I see that people are beginning to read my Easter-related articles.  Which has got me thinking about the seasons and shopping.  Have you seen that Easter Eggs are already on sale?

In the UK we are still in midwinter, but spring clothes are appearing in the shops, in spring it will be summer clothes and so on.  With our unpredictable weather we don't want to buy new clothes pre-season.  Which is probably why most clothes end up 'on sale'.  I suspect that the 'sale' prices are what should be the 'right' prices.  If you get my drift.

What always amused me when I lived in Florida was that Buyers - especially for the large companies - never took the temperatures into consideration.  Imagine temps in the 80s (26c) and 90s (32c) and shops trying to sell winter woollies and fun fur coats.  I expect people living in the northern States shiver even more in the winter when summer clothes go on sale.


The Easter articles I mentioned?  One is about a Spring Festival in Slovenia, another is only loosely connected to Easter - it is about the Samba Schools of Rio (great pictures of samba dancers).  The third is an Easter one and tells of the Parades through Florence on Easter Sunday which is on April 8th.

In a couple of week's time I will be in Palma, Mallorca - where I lived for many years.  It will be interesting to see the changes.   

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