Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The Acceptable Face of Electronic Publishing

It has taken a long time but electronic publishing is now considered acceptable.  Except by a few die-hards.
There is nothing - and never will be - anything to replace the joy of printed books.  They are easy to read and, in bed before going to sleep, are comforting to hold.
There are many reasons why people enjoy e-readers, be it Kindle, I-Pad, Kobo or one of several others now on the market.
1.      They are very portable, which makes them useful for commuters and travellers.  Having a small, slim and lightweight e-reader means you don't have to pack a load of books when going on holiday.  Think of the weight you save - especially when flying.
2.      If you read a lot and rely on the library, e-readers are invaluable.  With small local libraries closing or reducing their hours and stock, more people will have to rely on e-readers.  Especially if they don't own a car and so cannot reach another library.
 3.     Many bookworms either don't have room to keep more than a few books - which can make for boring reading after the third or fourth time - or cannot afford to buy books, even from a charity shop.
4.      E-readers are also very good for the disabled.  Apart from the convenience of not having to keep going to the library or bookshop, as they are lightweight they are easy to manage.
          This I know from personal experience.  I have RSI which affects my hand, arm and shoulder.  When they are particularly painful holding a book and turning the pages can be very difficult.  My Kindle is a blessing.

E-Publishing for Writers.
At one time if anyone e-published their books - without it being previously in print - it was assumed they weren't really writers.  Or, as one newspaper editor said to me, "Anyone can publish a book whether it is any good or not."
What doesn't seem to be realised is that books do get vetted.
From the author's point of view, e-publishing is easy but selling the books can be difficult.  As you don't have books to sign you cannot go and meet your fans.  So you have to create your own publicity.
The good news for self-published authors is that publishers are now e-publishing their clients' books so, once you have, say, three e-published books you have begun to create your portfolio.  This proves to agents and publishers that you can produce more than one book!
My books are available on Amazon, I-Pad, Kobo, Diesel and Others.  

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