Sunday, 29 July 2012

Work and Relaxation

Life has been rather busy lately between finishing ‘Dirty Deeds in Downdene’, posting it to Amazon and Smashwords and giving talks on electronic publishing.  Now my time is being taken up with dealing with the publicity angle.  Sorry for the book plug, but without print copies to go and sign.....

Enough of work.  I am so happy that summer has now decided to put in an appearance.  I - and everyone else in the UK - have been fed up with wearing winter clothes.  To celebrate, one day this week I took a trip to Bognor Regis and strolled along the promenade.  To be exact, I strolled and sat to relax and read my Kindle - such a useful item!

The quieter beach at Bognor.
Bognor acquired the ‘Regis’ following a stay there in 1929 by King George V who, apparently, didn’t like the town.  Looking at the number of people enjoying themselves I think he was in the minority.

As well as the beaches (one family oriented and the other more peaceful) and shops, Bognor has the Alexandra Theatre where many well know people perform and at Christmastime there is always a pantomime.  Oh dear, summer is late this year and here I am talking about the winter.

Now that we are having a typical British summer - a few nice days, then some cloudy/showery ones - I hope there will be lots of hot days so that I can make more visits to Bognor on the West Sussex coast.

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