Sunday, 4 August 2013

Antiques in the Attic - an Excerpt

Sarah's and Zelda's holiday in Torremolinos seems to be heading into trouble:

Later in the afternoon as they lay on sunbeds on the beach, Zelda told Sarah, "That guy is beginning to creep me out."
"Yeah.  He's still hanging around.  I'm sure if there was another sunbed near us he'd be on it instead of at the bar."  She was referring to the bar across the road from the beach where the man was drinking a beer.
"I know what you mean.  D'you reckon he's stalking us?"
"Could be.  I know he's in the next door apartment but even when we've crept out and avoided passing that side of the building he still turns up."
"He does, doesn't he?  Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"  The women exchanged a look.  "No, that's too far fetched.  We're not in a spy film."
Zelda laughed.  "Shades of James Bond.  No, he looks more like an English version of the Pink Panther."
"Zel, I don't want to be a scaredy cat, but he does make me nervous.  I'd suggest we check our bags but if he's looking he'll see."
Her friend looked at her closely.  "You're serious, aren't you?"
"Wouldn't you be?  Actually, after all that's happened and the reason why we're here, you should be worried too."
"True.  Sorry, but an unexpected free holiday has gone to my head.  Look, I'll go to the bar and get a couple of beers.  And get chatting to him.  You check our bags."


As well as being available on Amazon (via the link), this book is also available on Kobo and for other readers via Smashwords.

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