Saturday, 28 December 2013

Plastic Bags for Profit

There's nothing like jumping on a bandwagon to increase your profits, is there?  For all the Government's wittering on about the ecology being the reason to have shops charge for the plastic bags, it isn't going to cut down on the use of plastic bags.
Those of us who are into recycling and our own personal economy have been using the free supermarket plastic bags for years as bin liners. 
I suspect that the only reason for charging for the bags is because the manufacturers of plastic bags aren't selling as many bin liners as they used to - before most of us became more economically  minded!
I have a few ideas of how to cut down on buying bin liners or paying for the shopping bags:
1.   How about those small clear plastic bags for fruit and veggies?
2.   Use empty cereal packets in which to put rubbish before putting it into the dustbin.
3.   Wash out soup tins etc and us them for recycling.
I'm sure you can think of other items that can be used instead of bin liners and expensive plastic shopping bags.  Do remember to DRY OFF wet things before putting them into cardboard cartons!
If the plastic bag manufacturers were really concerned about the ecology rather than their profits they would make all plastic bags biodegradable.

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