Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Book Sales Increasing

I'm feeling very happy - the sales of my books are increasing by leaps and bounds.  Especially the Cleo Marjoribanks Murder Mysteries - the first one 'Homicide in Hampshire' is excelling itself! 

Cleo is a lady somewhere the wrong side of 40 and from the east end of London.  Having won the lottery she packed up her job and retired to the New Forest where she bought an old house.  DCI 'Steaming' Kettle came on the scene to resolve the murder of Cleo's housekeeper and they immediately recognised each other.  They had known each other when children.

Following on from Homicide is 'Dirty Deeds in Downdene' where Cleo again gets involved and, as a friend of my said, 'There are as many bodies as in a Midsomer murder'.  The why is a bit of a problem as estate agents and golfers are involved.

The latest Cleo book is 'Poltergeists in the Parador'.  She and Steaming are on holiday in an up-market boutique hotel on the Costa del Sol and come across a body.  Then a pair of English teenaged tourists disappear and.... yes, Cleo and Steaming help the local police with their enquiries.

My most recently published book is 'Model Murder' which is the second book in the South Downs Mysteries series.  In the first book 'Antiques in the Attic' Sarah found some antique silver in the loft but it mysteriously disappeared.  First her ex-husband died - was he murdered? - then strange events occurred and a secretary with whom Sarah works disappeared.  Being scared to stay on her own in the house Sarah moved in with her friend Zelda.  The police team is headed up by DI Sinclair.  Both books contain police procedures and are set in West Sussex.  As the title suggests, Model Murder is about the murder of a model.  Lots of lovely suspects!

Two of my books are set in Florida (where I used to live).  The murder mystery is 'Death of a Copycat' (on Kobo it is called 'Writing can be Murder' - I never did work out how to change the title!).  Trudi is English, belongs to the writing circle and, when another member is murdered the local Sheriff, who is always seeking votes, is sure that she is the killer.  Especially when a second writer is also murdered.  Fortunately Detective Gomez doesn't believe Trudi had anything to do with the killings.  The second book, 'Irresistible You' (using the pen name Jemma Linley) is a romance that takes place in Miami Beach.  Yes, that city with lots of lovely Art Deco, the lively Ocean Boulevard and jazz.  Both Mel and Andy are English musicians with ex-spouses who cause trouble.

Want to know what the rock and roll scene was like in 1958?  'Rock'n'Roll Murders' will tell you.  Blue police boxes, black Wolsey police cars with bells, an inept senior detective who doesn't like teenagers or rock'n'roll.  Two bodies, vandalism and a big surprise at the end.

As well as being available on Amazon Kindle (links alongside), my books are on Kobo, I-pad, Sony, Nook and umpteen others plus

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