Sunday, 31 January 2016

Sardinia and the non-Panoramic Tour

Cagliari in the early morning sun

An island that has long been on my bucket list is Sardinia, the second largest island in the Mediterranean. I once knew someone from there and he was always singing its praises.

Unfortunately the 'panoramic' tour I went on was something of a let down. I expected to see far more of the countryside than simply driving from the port in Cagliari to a vineyard. At first the scenery looked promising with meadows and woods in shades of green from jade through to bottle green, but then we stopped at the winery. Why is it that when 'wine tasting' is included in a tour I forget about the obligatory lecture where we all stand around being bored? Bearing in mind that none of us were young, some had walkers and some of us were using walking sticks, you would have thought the lecture would be cut short, wouldn't you? Or at least some seats provided. Eventually we came to the wine tasting - very nice and made nicer by the company at the table. Oh yes, then it was time to go to the shop where I got a bargain - a half bottle of rose for E2. No good buying a bottle as I only drink one glass a day - occasionally. (Oh dear, when I opened it on Christmas Day I discovered that it was not the same as the one at the wine tasting, despite having the same label. Or perhaps I just got unlucky and purchased a bad batch. Vinegar down the drain).
Panoramic Cagliari

We then settled down in the coach for our panoramic drive. Of Cagliari. To the top of one hill for the views of the City and its surroundings, then up another hill for more views. We all took photos of the flamingos on the lake below but they really just look like pale pink blobs. The salt lakes had been pointed out to us with the comment that only one is operational but the guide omitted to point out the salt hills. The other lake is now more of a bird sanctuary which is where we saw the flamingos.

I'm not sure about the sights which we passed in the City but I do know we went to see the Basilica di Bonaria (Good Air) which is now the Marine Museum, and the City Hall.

For our free time we were deposited halfway up the steep Largo Carlo street. Remember the walkers and walking sticks? Two of us refused to get off the coach but the rest braved it (I think some just hung around near where the coach was parked). The guide did say that we could go down the hill to catch the shuttle bus back to the ship but she didn't know where we could catch it. Helpful.

The Salt Pans

I doubt if I will return to Sardinia which is a pity as I am sure that it is a very pretty island but it needs to be toured when one is young and healthy.

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