Monday, 5 December 2016


The most annoying anti-leave bit of propaganda is that people voted for Brexit because they don't like immigrants. NOT TRUE.

Most of us voted because the UK desperately needs money for the NHS, Education and various other State funded things.

Imagine how horrified, appalled and ANGRY we are when the Government is offering to pay vast sums to the EU for various 'privileges'.

I think the reason why the EU is asking for this money is to encourage other member countries NOT to leave the EU. Yes, there are millions of Europeans who also want their countries back.

Come on, UK politicians, we DON'T need Europe. We have the Commonwealth and other countries with which we can trade more profitably.

Since writing the above:

Glad to hear Boris Johnson speaking up against these vast sums of money proposed to be paid to the EU.

Italy wants their own currency back. Let's hope more EU countries begin to see sense. 

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