Tuesday, 10 January 2017

'Who Are The JCs?'

Just to let you know that I have - at last - published the latest book in the South Down Murder Mysteries.

In this story DI Sinclair, DC James and the rest of the team have a boring start to trying to find out who exactly their latest victim, James Chester, is. They do locate a safety deposit box with a couple of documents in but nothing that really helps.

Alongside this are stories about some rich gentlemen who befriend old ladies cruising on their own. The men's initials are JC. As no-one has lodged a complaint with the police there isn't a lot they can do except log it on a file.

Then a bank manager is murdered.

Want to know all about it? It is currently available on Kindle.


All three books in the South Downs series will eventually be issued on Amazon in paperback form. 

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