Saturday, 8 January 2011

The Wonderfully Romantic Island of Capri

Whenever I go to Sorrento I have to take the ferry to Capri.  This island in the Bay of Naples lives up to its romantic image with tree covered ‘mountains’, lush valleys, beautiful villas and the gorgeous azure and turquoise sea which surrounds it.  Unmissable!
Capri Town itself has shops and restaurants, Medieval alleys to investigate and narrow lanes which go up and down between multi-coloured villas and gardens.  The intermingling aromas of garlic and cheese and of the abundant flowers greet you.  Especially prolific is the bougainvillea with its purple or crimson flowers scaling house walls or draped over garden fences.
For the energetic there are walks around the coastline.  Or climb up to the ruins of Villa Jovis, once the palace of Emperor Tiberius.  At the villa you can see the remains of the Roman Baths and the servants’ quarters.  Over the centuries, until laws were enacted to prevent it, these ancient ruins were systematically pillaged.  For example, to see some of the African marble floor that was once here you have to go into the church of St. Stephen where it is now the floor of the High Altar. 
Another walk is the Tragara Walking Passage.  Along the way you can see many elegant villas, splendid views including unexpected ones of the sea or sheer cliffs.  What is wonderful is the sound of silence.  Until you stand still and, even on the calmest day, you can hear the plashing of the sea against the bottom of the cliffs.
Before leaving Capri I took a boat trip.  There is, of course, the famous Blue Grotto but, be warned, it is best visited in the morning and to enter it, one has to lie flat in the boat, so I took the coastal cruise.  The craggy, shrub spattered cliffs rise almost sheer from the sea.  Look up and there is someone sunbathing on top of a rocky outcrop.  No it isn’t.  It is a very lifelike black statue.
I may have missed the Blue Grotto but I wasn’t disappointed.  There is another one that is open to the sea.  Here are the most wonderful rock formations seemingly stretching up into infinity.  And the sea is the most gorgeous turquoise you have ever seen.
Wherever you are planning to go on holiday this year – have a great time and, of course, a very Happy New Year!
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