Monday, 7 February 2011

Single Room Supplements

Many years ago I campaigned against single room supplements and here I go again.

Why?  Because we single travellers are still being discriminated against. 
In European hotels we are given rooms not much bigger than broom cupboards, no balcony and, if we are lucky, a shower (no bath).  I have even ended up in rooms with h&c.  And for this privilege we are charged extra.
Doesn’t make sense, does it, especially as the hotels only charge the tour operators half price (or thereabouts) for those rooms.  But it does make sense when you look through the brochures and see how many operators offer family holidays with ‘free’ child places.  Who is paying for their flights?
Single people.
As one friend said to me, “I am single, I don’t have children, I don’t even like children, so why should I pay for their holidays?”
In America there is one small consolation – you get a full sized room.  BUT, you only use one bed and one person’s set of towels and only make one person’s mess.  Ergo the hotel is saving on linens, laundry and maid time.
For single people there is one type of holiday that is fantastic as you get to meet people very quickly – cruising.  Unfortunately, you are also expected to pay for two people.  Why?  You only use one bed and one person’s set of towels, added to which, you only eat one person’s FOOD. 
Recently while researching for this article I discovered that there are singles holidays either by specialist agencies or the tour operators.  I checked the prices of those and compared them to regular brochure prices.  Sure there isn’t a single room supplement added to the price – IT IS INCLUDED IN THE PRICE.
So, all you singles out there, how about complaining long and loudly to whoever you can about this discrimination.  Letters to the press are a good way, as well as via the internet.

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