Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Homicide in Hampshire

Pleased to report that people are buying this e-published book……

"Late one evening Cleo Mainwaring comes home from London to find that her housekeeper has apparently drowned in the swimming pool. The housekeeper's husband and Cleo's Volvo are both missing.

"They are both found - the husband dead, and the Volvo in the Forest.

"Later in the book the village gossip is found dead in Cleo's garden. She had been strangled with one of Cleo's scarves in an attempt to frame her. That failed as Cleo was known to have been in London that day.

"Towards the end of the book there is a very strange car chase - keeping to speed limits and obeying traffic lights…..

"The DCI in charge of the case is 'Steaming' Kettle - a one time neighbour and schoolfriend of Cleo's. Yes, they do get it together."

The advantage of having published it through Smashwords is that it is available for all e-readers. And that includes Kindle!

As well as that it is gradually appearing on various e-book sites such as Apple, Diesel e-books and several others. It will also shortly be on Amazon and Sony.

The price is only $1.99(99p.) so it won't break the bank.

Later in the year I am planning on e-publishing another crime novel so, as they say, watch this space.

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