Sunday, 21 August 2011

Remembering Slovenia

This past week or so I've been working on some articles about Slovenia, one of my favourite European countries. I first visited it on a day trip from Italy when it was still a part of Yugoslavia. On that trip we went to Lipica and the caves at Postojna before being driven to the coast to take the ferry back to Italy.

My next visit was two weeks at Kranska Gora, a ski resort - except that I was there in the summer. Unless you are into walking and climbing, not a lot to do but, as a writer, I was able to keep myself occupied in this beautiful village. Since then my trips have been press ones and I've now covered almost the whole of the country from Maribor in the east to the Adriatic Coast and, of course, Lake Bled in the north.

If you want to read about some of these places then I suggest you go to my page on The three articles which I put on this past week have proved to be very popular - the number of people reading them even surprised me! One article is about Maribor and Ptuj, another about Lake Bled, Lipica (lovely picture of a Lipizzana) and the caves at Postojna and the third article about the capital, Ljubljana which has a wonderful mix of architecture and loads to do both during the day and in the evenings.

An update on Homicide in Hampshire - still selling well. Thanks to everyone who has bought a copy. This is available in all formats including downloading onto the computer (using Adobe Digital). Also thank you to everyone who has contacted me with their lovely comments. I'm so glad you like the flamboyant Cleo.

Now it is time to get on with writing another book.

              Lake Bled and the Julian Mountains


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