Saturday, 5 November 2011

My Holiday in Croatia

The Croatian Village of Mlini
I'm not sure whether to call my holiday a trip to Croatia or a three country tour.

My main reason had been to fulfill a lifetime wish to see Dubrovnik which is on the Dalmatian coast. That thin strip of Croatia that is separated from the main part of the country by a narrow band of Bosnia Herzegovina.

Yes, I saw the walled city of Dubrovnik and it lived up to my expectations. And I visited two other countries - on day trips.

The first was south to Montenegro where we drove around one of the fabulous fiords to visit the walled city of Kotor. Following that we continued our journey to Budva for the lunch break - hotel picnic lunches are not to be recommended! Then it was a stroll around that small walled city.

Another day we went to Mostar in Bosnia Herzegovina. Yes, that much bombed city of the Balkans War. We ambled through the Turkish Quarter and saw the rebuilt Old Bridge which is the city's symbol and which, along with the other five bridges was destroyed.

Mostar isn't for the faint-hearted with its bombed out buildings and the cemeteries. But, give it a few more years and the buildings will have been restored and the bright white tombstones will have mellowed and everyone will want to go there.

Me? I appreciated it, Croatia and Montenegro. It is heartening to see how the countries are recovering and rebuilding.

I will be writing articles about these fascinating places and putting them onto so keep checking. There will, of course, also be some of my photos.

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