Thursday, 26 March 2015

Murder in Mitcham Parva

During a Baltic cruise I visited the Catherine Palace in Tsarkoe Selo and saw the famous Amber Room. My friends subsequently asked if I was going to write a book about it.

Oh yes, I have.....

Sir Bernard Smythe owns Mitcham Manor in Mitcham Parva which has an Amber Room. Some items, including a couple of panels, are found to be fakes. Many people wonder whether the panels that are originals were some that had been stolen from the Catherine Palace during World War II. Once the expert has confirmed that the fakes are modern, the police are called in.

Who was responsible for the thefts and are they connected to the murder of one of the Manor's cleaning ladies? There are plenty of suspects and Cleo Marjoribanks, now back home in the New Forest following her Spanish holiday, manages to get involved. DCI David 'Steaming' Kettle is put in charge of the investigations and Primrose Day, Cleo's journalist friend also helps.

Cleo's fans will welcome back some of the people met in previous books including her cleaning lady, Mrs. Walsh and David's team of DC Jenny Dixon and DS Jeremy Wiles. And, of course, Cleo is happy to be driving around the New Forest in her beloved Rolls Royce Silver Wraith.

Murder in Mitcham Parva is the fourth book in this series.

The previous titles are:

Homicide in Hampshire,
Dirty Deeds in Downdene,
Poltergeists in the Parador.

All of them are available for e-readers. 

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