Saturday, 11 April 2015

Finally I've seen La Coruna

The Tower of Hercules
This was not the first time I had been to this city when on a cruise, just that I hadn't, until now, successfully been around it. Previously I had opted to go it alone but it had always rained. Yes, I'm a coward when it comes to bad weather.

This time I was sensible and booked a tour.

Following a boring drive through the port area to get to the exit, the coach did an about turn to drive us back the way we had come, but this time outside the port along Avenida de la Marina where we could admire some of the older buildings. Do you know that La Coruna is also called the 'Crystal City'? This is due to the number of glassed in balconies fronting the apartment blocks. A very wise precaution as many of them face the sea (the Bay of Biscay) so the windows help to keep the wild weather at a distance and also enable people to use their balconies even in winter.

Some of the things of interest we saw in passing were the Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Mankind, the Millennium Monument and some excellent beaches.

Heard of Sir John Moore? He was a Lieutenant-General in the British Army which fought Napoleon's troops at La Coruna. There is a memorial to him and the soldiers who lost their lives in that battle in the San Carlos Gardens.

Out of La Coruna we headed to the Tower of Hercules Lighthouse. It was originally built in the 2nd century but this version dates to the 18th century. There is a long slope up towards it but you don't have to struggle up there to see the building.

By the time we reached a large restaurant on the top of a hill we were well ready for our tapas and wine - tea and coffee were also available. The views and the food were fabulous and I suspect some were wishing they had doggy bags. No, I don't really know why because the food on board the ship is some of the best I've ever had.

La Coruna from the restaurant

Back down into town and another drive through La Coruna back to the ship.

If you don't want to take a tour or wander around the city let me recommend some lovely gardens just a couple of minutes from the ship. Stroll out of the port and up to the Avenida. Don't cross the road, but turn left.

This was - of course! - another excursion I took on my P&O cruise on the Oriana.

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