Saturday, 28 May 2011

Busy, busy, busy

As always, I am busy - both with writing articles for and trying to organise the manuscript of one of my books.  I have decided that as nobody wants to publish my books, I will have to e-publish them.  Unfortunately, I still haven't mastered the rules of Monopoly so you can imagine the problems I am having trying to understand the technical jargon from Smashwords!

Next week I am going to visit the Ironbridge Gorge - the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution. This is something I have been promising myself for many years that I would do.  Obviously I am hoping that it won't rain as I would like to get some nice photographs with which to illustrate the articles. 

Watch this space!  Better still, check me out on

The picture with this Blog is a lump of blue ice that I saw in Alaska
and is one of six pix that illustrate the article on TheTravelEditor.

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