Sunday, 15 May 2011

Trooping the Colour

John Ringling's House in Sarasota

Yes, the article is now on  Harald Joergens supplied me with the pix which include the colourful soldiers and HM The Queen.  Sticking to the royal theme, yesterday I put an article about Windsor Castle onto that site. 

Life has been somewhat confusing during the past couple of weeks with people supposedly coming to do jobs and not turning up (so what's new!) and other people coming to check something, then actually doing the job (hurrah).  Hopefully on Monday 16th an engineer will come and repair my washer/dryer.  The washer is okay but when you live in a flat/apartment you do need a dryer and mine has been out of action since March! 

Workwise, apart from the recent articles put onto traveleditor - including one about Sarasota - I am working on some more, such as a Western Caribbean cruise (when I kissed a dolphin) and Charleston, SC.

As they say..... watch this space and log onto:

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