Monday, 25 July 2011

Fabulous Exhibitions at Buckingham Palace

Oh wow! Both of this year's exhibitions are breathtaking. The first one is a selection of Faberge items that the Royal Family have been collecting since Queen Victoria. It has to be one of the largest collections in the world. Everything from the Mosaic Easter Egg to art deco cigarette cases and small carved animals. Then there are delicate flowers, a tiny miniature tea set, desk seals and even a clockwork elephant.

The other exhibit is Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress. As HM The Queen said to the Duchess of Cambridge when she inspected the exhibit - it looks like a ghost!

It is on a stand in the centre of the Ballroom with the veil and diamond Cartier 'Halo' tiara suspended above it. There is a video about the making of the dress, behind glass a panel of the lace to be examined and a chance to walk around the stand to get a good look at the dress.

(Copyright the Royal collection)                                      

Buckingham Palace is open to the public until 3rd October and tickets really are a 'hot ticket' item this year so it is advisable to book early.

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