Friday, 8 July 2011

Tiffany in Florida

The first thing most people think when hearing the name Tiffany is "Breakfast at Tiffany's", that wonderful film starring Audrey Hepburn. But that is the Tiffany jewellery shop in New York.

Then come stained glass windows, lampshades and vases.

The Morse Museum in Winter Haven (not far from Orlando) has one of the largest collections Tiffany-ware. The full title of the museum is actually the Charles Mosmer Morse Museum of American Art. In 1942 Hugh and Jeannette McKean opened the museum and added to it for the next 50 years, including the acquisition of a number of Tiffany items.

In 1957 Laurelton Hall on Long Island was destroyed by fire. Laurelton had been the home of Louis Comfort Tiffany and, of course, had a lot of windows and other items created by Tiffany. Or, to be exact, created at the Tiffany works.

After the fire one of his daughters contacted the McKeans to see if they were interested in buying a window, or part thereof. They bought a lot more.

Over the years they and the museum collected more items and some years ago opened the restored Chapel (a work of art in mosaic) at the Museum. In February this year the Laurelton Hall Galleries opened with the restored Daffodil Terrace, windows, parts of windows, vases and many other artefacts on display.

When visiting the Orlando area do go to the Museum, it is wonderful.

If visiting St. Augustine on Florida's north-east coast you can still see Tiffany-ware - at the Flagler College and in the Lightner Museum.

You can read about both the Tiffany Chapel and the Laurelton Hall Galleries on my page of The Travel Editor:

The Fabulous Tiffany Chapel.  Copyright the Morse Museum.

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