Friday, 3 February 2012

The Cheap Flights Experience

Having just experienced my first flights on a 'cheap flight' airline, I am not impressed.

I'm sure that for a short business trip that only needs an overnight case they are fine.  Unfortunately, as there is a charge per suitcase in the hold, people are taking their cases on as hand baggage.  Many years ago I bought a small wheelie to use as hand baggage and was told that it was too large and had to be checked in.

Once upon a time you were only allowed to take a small piece of hand baggage.  Now cases and bags over that maximum size are being allowed on board.  It just doesn't make sense.  I met a business gentleman who only had an overnight bag.  By the time he got on board there wasn't room for his small bag so that had to go into the hold - and he had to pay for it.

I did have a quiet chuckle when we arrived back at Gatwick.  The 'plane did not connect up to the stand so we had to take staircase down from the 'plane, walk across the tarmac and climb up a staircase.  Picture it - all those people too mean to pay for their 13/14kg weighted cases struggling with those staircases.

One answer is for airlines to add the £10 to their fares and not charge for luggage to go into the hold.  The airlines will gain financially and passengers will have an easier time.

Alternatively limit the size and weight of cases being used as hand baggage.

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