Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Rock'n'Roll Murders on Amazon

I always enjoy writing my books and this one was fabulous to write.  It is set in 1959 which, as well as evoking memories, also needed plenty of research.  Everything from the 'pop' scene to fashions.  For example, Elvis was doing his military service, Cliff Richard's backing group was called the Drifters, David Whitfield and Ronnie Hilton were the British crooners of choice.  And, of course, there were the fashions.  As young people didn't earn much, fashion was a bit limited.  Men mostly wore trousers (in the summer flannels) and shirts but the young women were luckier.  Full skirts, pleated skirts and dresses, pinafore dresses, strapless tops and shorts.  The popular men's haircut was the DA with the bubble cut being favoured by women.

In those days the police still patrolled on foot, the police car of choice was the Wolseley and, of course, the blue police boxes were still around - shades of Tardis!

As well as being able to purchase downloads of the book, there are also a few available in library section which can be borrowed.

Sales of Homicide in Hampshire and all of the Cleo Marjoribanks Mysteries are still going strong, the latest being Murder in Mitcham Parva.  Many thanks for the lovely comments about them.

As they say - watch this space for more information!

And did you know that you can download the Kindle APP? 

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