Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Evocative Music Brings Back Memories

The village of Orient
One morning while listening to Classic FM a wonderful memory was awoken.  The music was the beautiful Adagio of Spartacus and Phrygia by Khachaturian.  Probably better known as the music of "The Onedin Line".

In the 1970s I was working in Mallorca so didn't see British television.  I didn't even have a telly as I seemed always to be working.

One of my jobs was acting as guide on some of the coach trips, my favourite being a morning drive into the mountains.  Following our coffee and cake stop at the hamlet of Orient we returned to the main road.  Having talked myself out on the way to Orient, the return journey was quiet as we admired the scenery.

This Adagio* has long been a favourite of mine so I was thrilled when the coach company purchased a new vehicle with a cassette player.  The first time I was on this coach for the Orient trip on the return journey I put in my tape commenting that it fit right in with the mountains.

Back came several cries, "That's the Onedin Line music!"  Of course they then had to tell me all about this programme.

Oh, so different from mountains.

* I once saw this beautiful Adagio performed by a couple of 'soloists' of the Kirov Ballet.  It was magical.

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